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Voiz Bringing AiRadio With Alexa To CES 2019

Tabletop radios play streaming services, can be connected for stereo sound

Voiz will bring a line of smart tabletop radios to CES 2019 with built-in Amazon Alexa voice control.

Three AiRadio models will be on display, all with 3-inch speakers, bamboo cabinet exteriors, removable cloth grilles, omnidirectional mics, digital signal processors and Class-D digital amplifiers.

The vertical AiRadio Poco (VR-60) and horizontal AiRadio Uno (VR-70) are single-speaker mono units that can be connected to a separately sold speaker for stereo sound.

The AiRadio Duo (VR-80), meanwhile, builds in a second 3-inch speaker and a two-channel amplifier for stereo sound.

Users can ask Alexa to play their favorite radio station, artist, song, genre or mood; search favorite streaming services by lyrics and album or song release date; and listen to weather reports, recipes and news updates. They can also use the AiRadio to control other Alexa- enabled smart home devices.

Founded by Mark Friedman, formerly of Onkyo and Harman, Voiz can be found in booth 51313 in the Sands.

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