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CES 2018: SmartBeings’ WooHoo Set For Launch

Digital assistant geared toward elder, child care

SmartBeings is showcasing WooHoo at CES 2018, an AI-powered digital assistant.

Set for its global release in Q1 2018, WooHoo is positioned as “a tool through which families can care for both elderly parents and children through an interactive and intuitive interface,” said SmartBeings co-founder and chief strategy officer Himanshu Kaul. “Through such features as gesture control, motion-and-fall detection, a smart camera with facial recognition, NLP-based voice commands, and audio/video conferencing, every home and office can now connect and control every device through our Artificial Intelligence Platform and mobile app.”

According to Kaul, WooHoo’s in-device AI facilitates user operational preferences and a 4G LTE network to make emergency calls and arrange for in-house tele-consulting to stay connected with families.

SmartBeings is looking to raise another round of funding to assist in its global expansion and upcoming product release as demand for WooHoo increases on an international level. Availability and pricing will be announced at the show.

WooHoo was awarded two CES Innovation Awards in the Smart Home and Accessible Technology category.

The company be found at booth 51930.