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CES 2016: Enlaps Brings Time-Lapse Photo To The Masses

A nominee for the CES Innovation Award for Digital Imaging, Enlaps is introducing Tikee at CES 2016.  The launch will coincide with the company’s Kickstarter campaign, which has a target goal of $150,000 at press time and first debuted in December.

“Tikee, allows the user to capture slow changes and movements that are usually invisible to the naked eye for creative applications by both professionals and the general consumer,” said Enlaps president Antoine Auberton. “With Tikee, the invisible becomes visible thanks to our Cloud-connected, self-sufficient camera and automated web platform that automatically merges dual images, creating fly-on-the-wall, time lapse videos that can be shared online.”

The beauty of Tikee, Auberton says, is the product’s ease of application. “While this product is ideal for any professional entity that wants to show an event, a project or a program over the course of time, it was designed with a completely intuitive interface with the novice user fully in mind.”

Tikee is expected to hit the U.S. and European markets in September with a public retail price of approximately $650. Deep discounts and mid-summer product delivery will be available for crowdfunders who support Enlaps’ Kickstarter campaign.

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