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CES 2016: AfterShokz Trekz Titanium Makes Debut

In a CES debut, AfterShokz is introducing its Trekz Titanium headphone. Trekz was brought to market via a 60-day Indiegogo campaign that raised $654,916 with 4,888 contributors from 94 countries.

Designed to ensure the ultimate level of awareness and comfort, Trekz Titanium are wireless, open-ear sport headphones made to ensure safety.

The Trekz Titanium uses bone-conduction technology to transmit audio waves to the inner ears through the skull, bypassing the eardrums completely, asid AfterShokz. Users place them on their cheekbones, just in front of their ears. This leaves the ear canals open, allowing them to remain alert and aware of ambient sounds while enjoying music. They also feature Bluetooth connectivity for wire-free use. 

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Other features include:

• OpenFit: Tune in to your music or a call without tuning out the world around you.

• PremiumPitch+ Sound: Optimizes the sound and includes additional features like LeakSlayer technology, which ensures music is directed exactly where it should be.

• Battery life: A single charge will reliably deliver six hours of music play and talk time. Charge fully in 1.5 hours, but a quick 15-minute charge provides enough boost to get through a long workout or marathon call.

• Noise canceling: Dual noise-canceling microphones exclude surrounding noise.

• Voice Prompts: Audrey Says seamlessly guide through power, pair, play and talk.

Now available, the Trekz Titanium is priced at $129.