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Cellphone TV Subs Hit 3.7 Million: Telephia

The cellphone TV audience grew 45 percent to 3.7 million subscribers in the second quarter compared to the first, and viewers spent $86 million during the second quarter on the services, up 67 percent from the previous quarter.

Those are the conclusions of Telephia’s first Mobile TV Diary Report, said to be the only survey that measures mobile TV viewership, revenue performance, demographic profiles, behavioral measures, and advertising preferences.

The company found that news, weather and sports channels were the most-watched channels and that ABC News, Fox News and NBC News were watched more often than CNN News, although CNN was highest in access reach, or the percentage of people who watch relative to those who had access to the channel.

Among all mobile TV users, ABC News was the most popular in the second quarter, securing 40 percent of the total mobile TV audience, while CNN grabbed the top spot in terms of access reach.