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CEA Studies Car Internet

A recent Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) consumer study found significant interest in new technologies in the car including Internet access and live TV.

The study looked at drivers aged 18 and older who have at least a “lukewarm” or better attitude toward technology and found 35 percent said they are interested in some kind of live TV in the car.

When narrowed to parents of 2- to 11-year-olds, the interest shoots up to 60 percent, said CEA senior manager, industry analysis Steve Koenig.

Approximately 36 percent of consumers are interested in Internet in the car, but the figure climbs to 58 percent if consumers are asked if they would like local information delivered to a screen in the dash.

General interest for a DVD player with video gaming capability is 35 percent, said Koenig.

Based on the findings, Koenig believes simply offering a hot spot in the car is not sufficient to win most consumers. The technology which generates the most interest is that directly linked to content. “It’s almost not enough to offer just a playback device or a connecting box. You really have to bring out a device that’s paired with a content service … to give some functionality immediately that’s engaging …. People are not going to buy a Wi-Fi hub — it has to be paired with a service that will resonate with consumers.”