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Casio OmniSync STB1000

The OmniSync STB1000 is a new sports watch that seamlessly connects with users’ smartphones to enable music player operation and the ability to check personal fitness data from popular mobile apps such as Abvio’s Runmeter, Walkmeter and Cyclemeter and Wahoo Fitness. The Casio OmniSync STB1000 is available now for an MSRP of $99.95. It is ideal for individuals interested in monitoring personal fitness data during a variety of activities like running, hiking and cycling. This timepiece can display running pace and distance, elapsed time, pulse cycling speed, pedal rotations, and can record up to 120 lap times all without an iPhone. By leveraging Bluetooth® v4.0 with low energy wireless technology, it also offers individuals the ability to sync to their Apple iPhones with iOS7 or higher to log their personal fitness data into the mobile app that suits their workout best. For example, consumers can simultaneously display three types of measurement data on a single screen and automatically switch among multiple screens. In addition to tracking fitness data, users can connect their OmniSync STB1000 to their smartphone to operate their music library. Users can easily play or stop songs using the watch buttons, while also adjusting the volume or advancing a track without having to touch their actual device.