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Canton Expands Chrono Series

Canton expanded its value-oriented Chrono series of home speakers to seven SKUs with the addition of a compact on-wall model as the new opening-price SKU and a floorstanding tower speaker at the new top-end SKU.

The shallow-depth wall-mounting Chrono 511 DC and Chrono 501 tower are available at suggested retails of $425 each and $1,400 each, respectively. They join four other speakers and a powered sub in the series.

The Chrono line is designed to offer Canton’s high-end speaker technologies at a lower cost, Canton USA president Paul Madsen said. “By employing the drivers, design and engineering of the classic Ergo series, but with less costly cabinet aesthetics, we were able to reduce pricing by over 30 percent.”

Like the rest of the Chrono full-range models, the 511 DC and 501 use ADT-25 aluminum-manganese dome tweeters, which use a one-piece aluminum-manganese dome and voice-coil former for high performance and heat dissipation. The tweeter also uses Canton’s flared “transmission” style front plate and a surround design to widen dispersion, enhance off-axis linearity, reduce distortion and reduce susceptibility to break-up modes to extend the effective operating range out to 40kHz.

The Canton Chrono 511 DC, at just less than 4 feet in height, is a three-way bass reflex model with two 9-inch aluminum-cone woofers and a 7-inch aluminum midrange. Bass response extends to 20Hz. A proprietary high-pass filter eliminates signals below the audible frequency range, which could otherwise generate harmonic distortion in the audible lower bass range. As a result, the speaker delivers “clear, linear bass reproduction at much lower frequencies than could be attained with conventional crossover designs,” the company said.