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Canon Adds M-Series Flash-Memory Vixia Camcorder

LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y. – Canon introduced
last week a new HD camcorder
offering dual flash-memory storage
sources and built-in HD-to-SD downconversion.

The Vixia HF M32 dual flash-memory
camcorder, which is scheduled to
ship in September at a $1,000 suggested
retail, is billed as an easy-touse
model with the ability to record
many hours of high-quality HD video
on the go.

Canon sees this capability as ideally
suited to family documentarians and
social-networking fanatics.

The M34 is equipped with 64GB
of internal flash memory, to record up
to 24 hours of HD video, and also includes
an SD memory card slot that is
compatible with high-capacity SDXC
memory cards.

SDXC memory cards increase storage
capacity limits from 32GB up
to 2TB and enhance data-transfer

The Vixia HF M32 continues the
M-series tradition of offering HD video
recording from a camcorder with an
ultra-sleek, compact and lightweight

It includes an HD CMOS image
sensor, DIGIC DV III image processor
and Canon high-quality optics.

Like other Vixia HF M-series camcorders,
the M32 also features a touchpanel
LCD and a host of features for
capturing and sharing HD video.

Key features include:

• Smart Auto: This system uses Canon’s
DIGIC DV III image processor to
intelligently detect and analyze brightness,
color, distance, and movement
and automatically select the best setting
for the scene being recorded.

• Touch & Track: This enables users
to select a subject on the touchpanel
LCD, which will then be recognized
and tracked. It includes facial recognition,
as well as objects and animals, to
ensure the subject remains in focus as it
moves around in the frame.

• Relay Recording: Th is allows capturing
uninterrupted video when the
primary recording media is full. The
camcorder will continue to record a
scene by switching from one memory
source to the other as it fills up, so that
a moment of action will not be missed.

• Powered IS: This image-stabilization
system joins with Canon’s Dynamic
SuperRange Optical Image Stabilization
system to provide a higher level
of camera motion compensation
• HD-to-SD Down-conversion: This
enables users to preserve HD recordings
while making SD versions of the
recordings for easier sharing and transferring.

• Advanced Video Snapshot: This
will enable capturing two-, four- or
eight-second video clips while recording
or during playback.

The Vixia HF M32 is said to be compatible
with Eye-Fi SD memory cards
for easy wireless transferring of video
content and photos to a computer or
sharing site.

Canon said it will also supply an optional
waterproof case (model WP-V2,
$599) for the M32, enabling it to be
taken to a depth of 130 feet for underwater
video making.