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Camera Accessories: Tiffen Lowel PRO Power LED

Created as part of Lowel’s continuing transition to newer technologies in lighting, the Lowel PRO Power LED mirrors the evolution in LED lighting advancements. Applying 50-plus years of experience in lighting engineering, Lowel set to create a versatile, mobile and dependable light source featuring unparalleled color quality and beam output. Lowel PRO is a compact, focusing light available in hi-CRI Tungsten or Daylight color. The light is dimmable without color shift; sports AC/DC power; includes a light stand, though it can be used as a handheld light; and comes with a host of light control accessories. Its powerful output and wide focus range fresnel lens allows lighting from greater distance. In classic Lowel tradition, it comes with a host of mounting & light control accessories, and is available in a number of kit combinations.