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Burkhardt To Reintroduce Himself At CEDIA Expo

When Jeremy Burkhardt returns to CEDIA EXPO next week as co-owner of audio start-up Origin Acoustics, he knows that he will have a lot to prove.

During an exclusive interview last month in Austin, TX, the former SpeakerCraft CEO made it clear that he wants the industry to look at Origin Acoustics as a truly innovative audio manufacturer, with products designed from scratch to rethink the old architectural loudspeaker design paradigm.

“The hardest thing we’re going to be faced with is, ‘Oh, it’s just SpeakerCraft again,’” Burkhardt said near the end of a three-hour conversation. “We have to overcome that, and that’s why we’ve worked so hard at creating truly different products, and coming up with new business tools for our dealers.” See