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Bud Light’s Bud-E Fridge Is The 1st Smart Beer Fridge

Drinking beer and watching football is hard. Bud Light wants to make it easier.

Bud Light has launched what it’s trumpeting as the first “smart beer fridge,” allowing you to manage your brews directly from a smartphone. And, yes, before you ask: The Wi-Fi fridge will work with other 12-ounce cans and bottles.

The Android and iOS app can also:

**warn you if your stock is running low before your favorite team’s game day;

**sound an alarm when someone has taken a beer; and

**count down to reaching optimal beer temperature.

Anheuser Busch developed the fridge in conjunction with Buzz Connect and Linq IQ, but it’s only available for consumers living in California at this time. If you live in San Diego, Los Angeles or San Francisco, you can also order more beer via Saucey, an alcohol-delivery service.

It’s priced at $599, but Californians can currently purchase it for $299.

Although this may be the first smart appliance specifically designated for beer, other app-enabled majaps are beginning to make their way into consumers’ homes.