In-Wall On-Walls Debut

Dwight, Ontario — Axiom Audio developed a series of hybrid in-wall/on-wall speakers designed to overcome the sonic drawbacks of on-wall speakers and in-wall speakers.

The W Series consists of three narrow-profile surface-mount on-wall speakers with integrated enclosures that recess into the wall. The exposed furniture-quality baffle keeps the drivers away from the wall surface, which is responsible for distortion-inducing refraction in flush-mounted in-wall speakers. At the same time, the tuned enclosure recesses into the wall to deliver consistent bass and sonics uncolored by back waves reflecting off the sheetrock behind it.

The recessed enclosures extend less than 3.5 inches into a wall. The outer enclosure locks to the sheetrock via a separate metal frame with self-compressing screws.

The front baffles come in five finishes, including light maple and eggshell white. They're also available in 12 custom finishes.

The three models are priced at $220 each, $245 each and $325 each.

NXG Custom Speakers Ship

Scottsdale, Ariz. — DBL Distributing, the exclusive U.S. marketer of products from custom supplier NXG Technology, launched an NXG Custom Series of speakers that includes an oval-shaped in-ceiling models with an angled woofer and a tweeter that can be aimed. It's intended for home theater applications.

The Custom Series consists of four in-wall and six in-ceiling speakers in the affordable high-performance segment, all with pivoting tweeters. NXG also offers volume controls and cables.

3-For-2 Speaker Unveiled

Jacksonville, Fla. — Phase Technology unveiled a crescent-shaped on-wall speaker pair that delivers the left, center and right audio channels in a flat-screen-based home-theater system.

The Arte on-walls at $1,400 per pair feature dual 5.25-inch woofers and a 1-inch tweeter in black or metallic-silver finishes that serve as accents when installed next to on-wall flat-panel TVs.


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