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Boston Outlines Dealer Support

The change in product direction at Boston Acoustics will be accompanied by changes in advertising, promotion and support, the company announced.

To go with the new direction, Boston also unveiled a new logo.

Boston will use the term “play smart” in its design, distribution strategy, and communications with the trade and consumers, said senior VP/GM Eli Harary. “Everything we do will be consistent with ‘play smart.'”

That will include a “fresh approach” to collateral material and new POP and packaging approaches, said Phil Cohn, Boston’s U.S. sales and marketing senior VP.

For the TVee Model Two soundbar, for example, Boston will supply a shelf-top POP display with a large button that consumers will press to A-B the different between a flat-panel TV’s built-in speakers and the sound bar. The POP explains that the soundbar will “learn” the commands of a customer’s existing remote and point out the advantages of a wireless subwoofer.

SoundWare speaker cubes will be packaged in a four-color box with handle. The back panel will feature a simple explanation on how to use the speakers. Three pictures of the speaker from three different angles will appear on the front.

In a departure from previous Boston marketing, the company will offer a shelf-top SoundWare display that includes a SoundWare cube speaker and pictures showing on-wall and corner-mounting options, Cohn added. The display will also illustrate the use of the cubes in different rooms.

In advertising, Boston will rely on its channel partners to champion Boston’s strategy, said Bob Weissburg, D&M North America sales and marketing president.

The retailers will likely include Sears, which is finalizing a deal to sell the TVee sound bar through its traditional outlets. If the deal is finalized, Boston products will appear in traditional Sears stores for the first time as part of the brand’s plans to broaden its customer reach. Boston products are already sold through Sears’s Great Indoors stores.

To support retail salespeople, Boston and other D&M brands will launch online training programs in the fall to supplement the brands’ face-to-face training.