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Boston E Series Seeks Flat-Display Companions

Boston Acoustics said it plans early-2006 shipments of its new flagship E series of five speakers, which replace the VR-M Reference series.

Each speaker is designed with multiple mounting options and intended to complement flat-panel displays, thin DLP rear-projection TVs and traditional TVs. Wall-mount brackets are supplied with all models, including the 5-foot tall, four-way flagship tower, and all models can be mounted horizontally or vertically because of their driver placement.

Two L-R bookshelf models and two LCR speakers can be mounted on a wall, shelf or on accessory stands. When the LCRs are used as a center channel, a horizontal support allows it to tilt from five degrees down to 10 degrees up. Removable side panels on all models allow for customization to match different decors. The cabinets are made of real wood, cast aluminum, extruded aluminum, and for the baffle, an MDF/aluminum composite.

The flagship E100 features five 5.25-inch woofers, one 5.25-inch midrange/woofer, one 3.25-inch midrange and one 1-inch tweeter. Prices weren’t announced.