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Bosch Bows New Evolution, Integra Dishwashers

Bosch began shipping its new lineup of Evolution and Integra dishwashers this month.

Both lines have a number of models available, divided into three classes: the 300, 500 and 800 Series. At the top of the lines are the Evolution SHE98 and Integra SHX98 models. According to the company, “Both models exceed the minimum federal energy standard by 147 percent” and “use approximately the same amount of energy as a dishwasher half its size.”

The Evolution collection offers six model options in all, at suggested retail prices ranging from $599 to $1,599. In addition to its energy efficiency, The Evolution SHE98 model features a “sanitize” option that Bosch said “results in the elimination of 99.9 percent of bacteria.” It also comes with a load sensor to customize the wash cycle according to the weight and amount of dishes.

Evolution model SHE68 is said to offer the trademarked Ecooption (available on select 500 and 800 Series models in both lines) which the company says can reduce energy consumption up to an additional 25 percent with the push of a button. The SHE68 also comes equipped with the Half Load feature which Bosch said “allows customers to run the dishwasher half full, thus reducing the time, water and energy [used] by 30 percent.”

There are seven models available in the Integra line with suggested retails ranging from $799 to $1,799. According to a company release, the SHX98 offers nine wash cycles, the “sanitize” option and operates at only 42dBs.

The company noted that the Integra line also offers a 500 Series model that is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act and another model that features an external display so the user can monitor the progress of the dishwasher.

There are a number of other features that can appear in certain models including the company’s Ecosense wash management system which is said to use an infrared light beam to examine the soil level in the water and adjust the wash cycle accordingly. A custom spray system called Variowash is also available, according to Bosch it “adjusts the water pressure to be gentle on glass and china yet tough on pots and pans.” 500 and 800 Series models come equipped with the Quickwash function with a shorter cycle for smaller loads or less-soiled dishes.

All of the dishwashers also feature Bosch’s stainless-steel Talltub and the Aquastop system, said to automatically shut the dishwasher off if it detects water in the base of the unit.