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Bluetooth Raises Profile In Yamaha Desktop Audio Line

Buena Park, Calif. – Yamaha is expanding its selection of Bluetooth-equipped desktop audio systems with CD to two with the launch of the $399-suggested TSX-B141, available in July, and the $349 TSX-B235, due in August.

The company also offers the Bluetooth-equipped $199 TSX-B72 desktop audio system without CD.

All three one-piece systems can be controlled via Bluetooth from a Yamaha app running on a smartphone.

The TSX-B141 replaces the TSX-B140, which has been discontinued for awhile, and adds Bluetooth and NFC compared to the model that it replaces. The TSX-B235 replaces the Bluetooth-equipped TSX-B232 and adds NFC and aptX compared to its predecessor.

Besides AM/FM tuner and single-CD player, both new models also play MP3 and WMA music from USB-connected devices. Both support AAC and aptX over Bluetooth, and both feature alarm functions and 2×15-watt maximum output at 1kHz with 10 percent THD.

“While Bluetooth has become an extremely popular way to play music, many people still want to play their CDs or tune in to their favorite radio stations,” said Bob Goedken, Yamaha AV division GM, of the two new systems.

The two models differ in cosmetics, with TSX-B141 featuring a taller, vertically oriented chassis available in black, brick and champagne-gold finishes. The TSX-B235 features a rounded, flat, low-profile design with slightly recessed real-wood top panel that can be used to hold eye glasses or keys. Unlike the B141, the B235 also features two USB ports, one for music playback and one for charging connected devices.