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Bluetooth-Equipped Speakers Run The Gamut


New Bluetooth-equipped tabletop speakers
are coming to market at price points ranging from a
suggested $39 to $199 for Bluetooth-only models and
up to $799 for models equipped with iPod/iPad docks,
AirPlay and DLNA networking.

Many Bluetooth-only models are AC/DC portables.

Here are some of the newest Bluetooth speaker products
announced or shipping:

Accessory Power:

The Westlake Village, Calif., company
is rolling out a quartet of portable Bluetooth speakers
over the next two to three months at suggested retails
of $49 to $99. Three are portable AC/DC models.
All carry the GOgroove brand.


The Provo, Utah, startup launched a trio
of Bluetooth speakers that double as
hands-free speakerphones and charge
mobile devices via USB. The speakers
are the $149-everyday Braven 600, the
$179 625s and the $189 650. They begin
shipping at the end of June.

The $149 Braven 600 is made from
aircraft-grade aluminum and is available
in gray and red. The $179 625s is encased
in a ruggedized, shock-absorbing
exterior with aluminum grills and comes
with USB flashlight and waterproof bag.
The $189 650 features AptX and AAC
audio decoding and aluminum body.


The company plans to ship its
first Bluetooth-only speakers sometime
later this year following the late-April shipment of its first
iPad/iPhone-docking speaker with embedded Bluetooth.
The latter is the $39-suggested CSMP15. Details
on the Bluetooth-only speakers were unavailable.


Three new Bluetooth-only speakers will arrive
in the coming months, including the $349-suggested
Spinnaker in June. It consists of two speakers in tuskshaped
enclosures, each 15 inches tall.

Two other Bluetooth-only speakers, are the $129 Prisma,
shipping in May, and the $99 Exclaim, shipping in July.

Two Bluetooth-equipped iPod/iPhone-docking speakers
are the $299 Esiena, shipping in May, and the $99-suggested
IF 330PLUS portable dock, shipping in August.


The company’s first two Bluetooth wireless
speakers are the $149-everyday solar-powered Rukus
Solar and the $99 non-solar Rukus. They ship May 1 in
black, white or green.

The Ruckus Solar uses solar power to charge its internal
lithium-ion battery. Both speakers feature an E Ink
display with 180-degree viewing angle in direct sunlight.
Via USB, the systems charge most portable music players
and smartphones.


The company added to its Bluetooth speaker
line with the shipment of the spherical $59 iDM8 and
square $69 iDM11 AC/DC minispeakers with hands-free
feature, lithium-ion battery, USB charging port and aux in.


The company’s first four Bluetooth-only
speakers will join a variety of iPod- and Android-docking
speakers equipped with Bluetooth. The new Shoqbox
systems are all one-piece portable AC/DC models shipping
in May at suggested retails from $149 to $199.
They feature stereo drivers, hands-free Bluetooth calling,
voice prompts, motion gesture to control song playback
and aux in. The line ranges in price from $149 to $199.


The company is incorporating AptX Bluetooth
in all five of its first tabletop speakers, all with stereo
Bluetooth, iPod/iPhone dock, and separate USBcharging
dock for the Samsung Galaxy smartphones
and Galaxy Note.

The top model is the $799-suggested
DA-E750 audio dock, which
also features vacuum-tube preamp,
Wi-Fi, Apple AirPlay and DLNA-based
AllShare network technology.


The San Diego accessory
supplier launched the Audio Cube
Bluetooth speaker at $45 It features
built-in rechargeable battery for six
hours of playtime and aux in.


The supplier of Bluetooth-
equipped iPod/iPad-docking
speaker systems shipped its first Bluetooth-
only speaker, the portable AC/
DC Sound Kick, through Target stores
nationwide in mid-April at $99.

TDK Life On Record:

The Imation-owned brand
plans its first three Bluetooth-only speakers, all capable
of reproducing music streamed over Bluetooth in the
AAC and Bluetooth SBC codecs. Two are portable AC/
DC models with rechargeable batteries. They’re scheduled
to ship in September.

The lineup starts with the $249-suggested A33 2.1
system with active left and right channels, embedded
powered woofer, 15-watt output, water- and weatherresistant
chassis, integrated mic for hands-free voice
calls, 3.5mm aux in, USB charging of connected mobile
devices, and rechargeable battery delivering six to eight
hours of playback time.

The$299-suggested AC-only V513 Sound Cube is a
27-watt RMS system with a full-range driver on each vertical
side and a powered woofer to deliver 360-degree
sound. The 9- by 9- by 9-inch cube also features USB
charging port and 3.5mm aux in.

At $399, A73 Boombox is an AC/DC model with rechargeable
battery, integrated handle, AM/FM tuner, 3.5mm
aux in, 29-watt RMS output, two 2-inch full-range drivers, two
5.25-inch passive radiators and one 5.25-inch subwoofer.