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BioInteractive Easing VR/AR Control With Tenzr

Wrist-worn controller resembles a Fitibit

Start-up BioInteractive Technologies is heading to CES 2018 next month with a hands-free wrist-worn gesture recognition controller for virtual and augmented reality.

The Tenzr, which the company said has been in development for three years, is designed to be easy to use, comfortable, accurate and reliable. It has a similar form factor to a Fitbit Charge, said BioInteractive, with a camera-free design is aimed at developers and early adopters who are interested in building and interfacing with systems that have Bluetooth connectivity.

Examples of potential applications include mobile or stand-alone VR, in which the Tenzr replaces the handheld controller; AR, with the band complementing voice-enabled smart glasses; and mixed reality, with the band freeing users from having to lift their hands up to the field of view of the camera in the headset.

Out of the box, the plug-and-play band will have the capability to detect six hand gestures (left, right, up, down, hand open, hand close) without the need for calibration.

The company can be found at Eureka Park booth 50915 in the Sands.