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Best Buy Championed Washer In Print

When it came to waving the LG laundry flag in print, Best Buy’s circulars devoted the lion’s share of the ink.

According to data from Beyen Corp., an international market research firm, Best Buy advertised the top-selling WM1832C front-load washer 1,177 times between June 2003 and May 2004, representing 83 percent of all ads which ran for the machine.

When it came to ad placement, however, Best Buy tied with H.H. Gregg at 24 back covers apiece.

Pricing for the unit remained fairly consistent at the suggested retail of $899, although Fry’s broke ranks with sale prices of $674 and $849, with the latter matched by P.C. Richard & Son.

LG Electronics WM1832C Ad Frequency By Retailer