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Best Buy Adds Ricoh Theta S 360-Degree Cameras To Store Shelves

Best Buy sees momentum in the 360-degree action camera market and has added Ricoh’s latest flagship 360-degree action camera to its merchandising mix.

The Ricoh Theta S has been available at since mid-June but will now be available in select U.S. brick-and-mortar stores in a looping video display.

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The Theta cameras allow consumers to record fully spherical images of nearly 14 megapixels and record HD video at 30fps, with a maximum recording time of 25 minutes. The Theta series is driven by an ultra-small twin-lens folded-optical system capable of capturing two wide-angle images and then marrying them into a single spherical image.

“Experiencing 360-degree spherical photos and videos is really the only way to truly understand their power and gain an appreciation for the countless possibilities of this new, exciting digital imaging format,” said Kaz Eguchi, president, Ricoh Imaging Americas Corporation. “We are delighted that Best Buy is extending the reach of the Theta experience to more consumers at locations throughout the U.S.”