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Belkin Upgrades WeMo Lighting, Reduces Price

Playa Vista, Calif. — Belkin reduced the price of its WeMo smart LED light bulbs and upgraded its WeMo lighting-control app, which now enables WeMo LED bulbs to trigger or be triggered by online apps and services.

The company lowered the cost of its WeMo Smart LED Starter Kit from a suggested $99.99 to $49.99 and Smart LED bulbs from $29.99 to $24.99. The new pricing “makes it easier for customers to take advantage of smart lighting and will help spur the adoption rate of the overall industry,” the company said.

The WeMo App has been updated to support IFTTT (If This Then That) service, enabling Belkin’s WeMo LED bulbs and Osram Sylvania WeMo-enabled LED lights to “trigger or be triggered by a variety of online apps and services, including geofencing, text messages and social media,” Belkin said. Users, for example, can receive a text when the kids get home and turn on the lights, and users can set the lights to flash when they get a Tweet. Users can also set porch lights to turn on automatically as soon as they drive onto their street via the geofencing capability.

The WeMo LED channel from is online today.

The upgraded iOS and Android app, WeMo version 1.12, will be available this week. It also enables WeMo-enabled Osram Lightify bulbs to connect to the WeMo Link hub and be controlled through the WeMo app. The Lightify bulbs also get integrated temperature- and color-changing support through the app. The Osram bulbs include the Lightify Tunable White 60 bulb, the Lightify Gardenspot Mini RGB, and the Lightify Flex RGBW.

Additional app enhancements include improvements to device discovery and a direct, in-app link to the WeMo Community, which is a forum of WeMo users and a place to share use cases, DIY projects and troubleshooting tips, the company said.