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Belkin SpeedPad Adds Satisfaction To Video Gaming

The latest accessory product from Belkin, Nostromo SpeedPad n52, is pointed toward first-person shooters who have struggled with dominating their games. Users now will be able to conquer their gaming enemies by placing keyboard and game pad functions into one device. The n52 captures all the advantages of its predecessor, the n50, said Belkin.

The Nostromo SpeedPad n52, model F8GFPC100, allows gamers to carve reaction time to nanoseconds with up to 104 programmable functions.

Benefits include 14 programmable keyboard-style buttons, plus two thumb buttons, an extra row of keys, compared with the n50, with presets for select games and 360-degree mouse wheel for intuitive fragging and lightening-quick strikes.

Other benefits include three status LEDs for quick-checks of which shift state is active, an adjustable and removable left-hand case that adjusts to two settings or comes off to provide maximum comfort for any size group and programmable eight-way directional pad for eight views and diagonal action. Suggested retail is $39.99, and it is shipping.