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Belkin Components, Immersion Tactile Mouse Designed For Gaming

Belkin Components is teaming with San Jose, Calif.-based Immersion to introduce the N30 GameMouse for personal computers. The mouse is a tactile product specifically designed for fast-action, shooter-type games that require a high level of control for performance and fun.

The mouse includes Immersion TouchSense technology that transforms digital information into physical sensations. These sensations help gamers’ responses seem more realistic.

An unlimited number of sensations correspond to game events, graphics and icons on a computer screen. For example, gamers can feel gun blasts and recoils, the impact of a motorcycle hitting the ground and a car smashing into a wall, the company said.

Other new features include a black, molded, spaceship-like surface that improves grip and minimizes accidental button-pushes. A large wheel allows for quick switching of guns, while the small size of the mouse lets gamers hang their fingers off the end for better button control.

The mouse will be able to take advantage of numerous software titles, including Electronic Arts’ Black and White and Sierra Studio’s Half-Life and Tribes II.

Belkin’s N30 GameMouse will be available in August at a suggested retail of about $39.99.