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Be At Home Expands Monitoring System

Be At Home has added a new lighting-control option to its home monitoring and control system and service. It is Lutron’s Radio RA RF-based lighting system.

The company’s $24.99/month service lets users monitor and control home systems from any Web-browsing PC or from any wireless phone incorporating WAP browser. The price includes unlimited alerts and Internet access, so a separate ISP account isn’t needed. Users log into Be At Home’s server to view and change the status of their lights, security system and HVAC system and view continually refreshed security-camera still images. The service also delivers local information about the home’s area, including weather.

To implement the service, users buy a Web-page-serving brain that connects to a broadband or dial-up modem. To connect to the brain, Be At Home remarkets the Interlogix security line, two-way X-10’s lighting and HVAC-control devices, and wireless- and wired-camera options. The base system costs a suggested $899.