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Here is a supplier-by-supplier listing of select introductions expected at CEDIA:

ADA: The company's fifth distributed-A/V system, the Rhapsody, is said to be the industry's first such system to distribute multichannel audio throughout the house. It's also able to switch any source from any room in the house to another room. Additional rooms can be added to the system by inserting cards from one of two "mainframe" components. The Rhapsody ships at the end of the second quarter.

Another new product, the Cinema Rhapsody, is due by show time and is a lower priced version of the Cinema Reference preamp/processor/switcher, costing $3,999 instead of $6,999.

Atlantic Technology: The company will introduce the THX Select version of its System 270 home theater speaker system at $2,596. It ships in the fall. Atlantic will also unveil its first THX-Ultra-certified in-wall home-theater speaker system, the System 20 THX, with a dipole surround that extends 0.5 inches beyond the wall. Pricing was unavailable.

Boston Acoustics: Eleven new products include four indoor/outdoor speakers comprising the Voyager series. They're priced from $200 to $600/pair, expanding the line to four SKUs from three and raising the top price point from $400/pair.

Four Power Vent series powered subs are priced from $299 to $1,199; two VRM series wood veneer bookshelf speakers are priced at $699 and $999/ pair; and a five-satellite home theater speaker at $1,500 can be mated with one of Boston Acoustics' powered subs.

California Audio Labs (Sensory Science): The high-end brand enters the power amp, preamp/surround processor and video switcher categories under its own name after having built such products on an OEM basis. The three products feature RS-232 ports for integration with home-automation systems. Pricing and ship dates were unavailable at press time.

Definitive: The company's efficient Infinite Power Source amplifier technology makes its way into a third powered sub. The $449 10-inch 250-watt Pro Sub 100TL ships in September, joining the 250-watt 8-inch $350 Pro Sub 80 and the previously announced 250-watt 12-inch Pro Sub 200TL at $549 and due in September. The technology is also used in most of Definitive's powered towers.

Denon: The company's first CD-recorder and first DVD carousel changer will be displayed along with two new receivers, Denon's first to offer both Dolby Digital and DTS decoding at the $599- and $799-suggested-retail price points.

The single-well CD-recorder, designed and built in-house except for the laser mechanism, features 96kHz/ 24-bit DACs. A price and ship date were unavailable.

The five-disc carousel changer, due at the end of September at a suggested $999, features HDCD decoding and 96/24 DACs.

The two new receivers feature six-channel inputs and expand the number of Denon receivers with digital 96/24 inputs for playback of 96/24 two-channel music discs on DVD-Video players. About 50 96/24 titles are available, the company said.

NAD: The company's first DVD-Video player and first Dolby Digital/DTS receiver are priced at a suggested $799 and $999, respectively. The DVD offers built-in Dolby Digital 5.1 and Dolby Pro Logic decoding and 96kHz/24-bit DACs. The receiver, due in October, feature's proprietary ambience recovery technology.

Niles: On tap from Niles are a more affordable, more flexible distributed-audio system, called IntelliPad Ci, and a more affordable A/V distribution amp at about $150.

IntelliPad Ci will make possible a two-room uninstalled-system cost, excluding source components and amplification, of $645 compared to a current opening price of $1,300 for an existing Niles distributed-audio system. Prices include a keypad in each room.

IntelliPad Ci components include a $395 controller/server that incorporates the system's intelligence, making it possible to choose different keypads for each room depending on the degree of system control desired in those rooms.

Five in-wall Ci keypads include two master keypads, each at $125 but with different control features. The Ci Solo, for example, features four-source selection, volume, transport controls, and on/off functions. The Ci Select features eight source keys, volume, mute and on/off. One of two $75 accessory keypads offers play, stop, pause, rewind and forward functions.

Niles' Ci system also gives consumers the option to use a $1,195 multizone preamp that includes system intelligence, making the separate controller/ server unnecessary.

The six-zone, four-source A4.6Ci preamp can be mated with an existing Niles 12 x 30-watt amp or the new $2,495 12 x 60-watt amp, which will connect with the preamp via a DB-25 connector.

Polk: The company redesigned its Forcefield home theater speaker/amplifier system, developed in conjunction with amp maker Cinepro.

Instead of the one model demonstrated at last year's show, Polk plans two models: the 12-channel, 7,500-watt Vortex at $40,000; and the 16-channel, 10,500-watt Predator at $60,000. Both need a 220v/50-amp line for current. They're due about a month after the show.

Proceed: The brand's first DVD player, due at the end of the month at about $5,000-$6,000, features a card cage to permit upgrades, including possible upgrades to add DVD-Audio.

PSB: About a dozen new speakers from PSB include the 10-speaker Image Series of speakers including tower, powered-tower, center-channel and surround speakers, plus a powered sub, at prices from $300-$1,200/pair for the L-R models.

The budget-priced Alpha series will get three new additions: a center channel and two powered subwoofers, the SubSonic 5 and SubZero. They're due at show time at $179, $439, $299, respectively.

Samsung: A $499 suggested retail is planned for the Samsung's first five-disc DVD carousel changer, due in October with component-video outputs and 5.1-channel Dolby Digital decoding.

Sonance: The new Symphony series of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, the company's first enclosed subwoofer, and an in-wall distributed-audio keypad will be introduced.

The Symphony speakers, due in December or January, will replace the bread-and-butter T and TR series at similar price ranges. The Sonance subwoofer will be shown in prototype. And the keypad, dubbed Navigator, will probably ship next year.

Speakercraft: The company will debut its first in-ceiling subwoofer, first component amps, and highest priced in-wall speaker.

The in-ceiling sub is retrofittable, fits between 12-inch-on-center ceiling joists, and features dual 8-inch drivers. Speakercraft hasn't marketed in-wall subs and chose to go in-ceiling because it would allow for a larger enclosure. It ships in December. Pricing wasn't set at press time.

The first two in a planned line of amps are targeted to ship in November at a price to be announced.

The new three-way 8.8MT at $2,000/pair is the top end of the MT series. -- Joseph Palenchar


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