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Audyssey Enhances Music-Processing App

Los Angeles – Audio-technology company Audyssey has updated its Music Player app for iOS devices to optimize the audio performance of more headphone models and, for the first time, optimize the performance of select Bluetooth speakers.

The app, which is now free, will optimize Apple-device playback through 300 different headphone models, up from 200, and through about 25 different Bluetooth speakers. Additional headphone and speakers models are in the works.

From the app, users select the model of headphone or Bluetooth speaker that they are using, and the app uses 32-bit processing to tailor sound output to the acoustic characteristics of that headphone or speaker SKU. The app also maintains perceived frequency-response balance at lower listening levels.

The app now also offers a 30-minute free trial so listeners can hear the difference on their headphones or speakers before spending $1.99 to purchase the algorithm for their particular headphones or $2.99 for the algorithm for their particular speaker.

Audyssey also makes the technology available for integration into mobile apps, streaming music services, games, in-device media players and in the firmware of the mobile device itself.

The company’s home-audio post-processing technologies are integrated into home theater products, automobiles, TVs, mobile phones and movie theaters from multiple manufacturers.