Audiovox Readies Blu-ray, Backup System

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Audiovox plans an International CES introduction of the first aftermarket Blu-ray player announced to date.

The player, targeted to retail for a suggested $349.99, is targeted to ship next summer as an Advent-branded player for the expediter market and as an Audiovoxbrand player for retail channels.

The player is a single-DIN slot-loading model that mounts in the dash, under a seat or in the trunk and can be connected to any in-vehicle monitor via its HDMI, composite or component outputs. The player comes with RF wireless remote whose range is 18 feet, enabling control over the player even if the player is tucked away in a storage compartment.

The player can be mounted horizontally or vertically, and it features a front-panel iPod/iPhone USB input to display video stored on the portable devices.

Also due at CES is a collision-avoidance rearview camera system that, unlike other back-up systems, delivers both audible and visual alerts of stationary and moving objects, including pedestrians, behind a vehicle. With other systems, Audiovox said, consumers had to buy separate camera and sensor systems.

The CAM430MV camera system will be available around July at a suggested $299 for the Audivox- branded retail-channel version. An Advent-branded version for the expediter channel will also be available at that time.

The camera can be connected to any LCD screen, including a factory-installed navigation screen. On the screen, the system displays a color box around a moving or stationary object or person while also emitting an audible alert. The onscreen boxes change color as the vehicle gets closer to the object, and the beep tone grows more urgent as the vehicle gets closer.

The camera is the company’s first with 180-degree view.


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