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AudioControl Ships New Components

AudioControl shipped its latest generation preamp/surround processor and four 12-channel multi-room amplifiers. They’ll be displayed at International CES.

The Maestro M2e preamp/processor, at a suggested $2,399, is an enhanced version of the M2, adding active balanced outputs that transmit high-definition component-video and digital audio for 1,000 feet over CAT-5 cable. The sent signal is received by BVR-25 or BVR-20 receivers, which convert the output to a standard component-video signal. The M2e can transmit 480, 720, and 1,080 video formats.

Optionally, the M2e can output component video and 12 volts to remotely power a BVR-25 receiver.

The M2e also includes HDMI switching, transcoding of composite and S-Video to component video, Dolby Pro Logic IIx, RS-232 ports, and active balanced outputs, which reject most hum, noise or distortion introduced along a video signal path and delivers high-quality audio and video over longer distances than passive outputs, the company said.

The 12-channel amps, which complement a 16-channel model, are rated at 12×60 watts into 8 ohms with all channels driven fully, but they can handle loads as low as 2 ohms. They can also be bridged for additional system-architecture flexibility. Other custom-install-friendly features include input bussing, 12-volt triggers, and stereo-to-mono summing.

The amps include the Architect 860 and 861, both of which incorporate five bands of equalization per channel, each channel’s five center frequencies selected by AudioControl based on the frequencies most affected by in-wall mounting. The other two are the 660 and 661.

The 861 and 661 add an Ethernet port.