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AudioControl Readies Major Product Launch

AudioControl is launching its first full-range DSP amplifier/processor and upgraded standalone DSP processors as part of one if its largest car audio product launches.

The product initiatives will be accompanied by new merchandising and updated cosmetic design, said CEO Alex Camara.

Although the company already offers DSP in two car products, those models use analog switches and potentiometers for control, but the new models “will be our first time using a matrixing DSP and digitally interfacing the DSP through software,” currently via connected PC and eventually via Bluetooth-connected Android and iOS phones, said national sales manager Chris Bennett.

The full-range DSP amplifier on display is a four-channel model, which will be followed later this year by a six-channel model. The two new standalone DSP processors are the company’s first products that will get the option of set up and control from Android and iOS apps from a smartphone via a Bluetooth add-on, which also allows for music streaming.

Also new is a four-channel amp with built-in analog signal processor.

DSP amplifier/processor: The company’s first full-range amplifier/DSP processor is the D-4.800, which can be connected to factory or aftermarket head units.

The D-4.800 is rated at more than 4×200 watts into 2 ohms and 4×150 watts into 4 ohms. It features six active high-level speaker inputs that can be summed and individually controlled. Digital correction of time alignment and phase on inputs and outputs is also available, along with 30 bands of graphic equalization, digital control of level and crossover settings, 24dB Linkwitz-Riley crossovers, and AccuBASS circuit on all outputs. For installs that retain the factory head, AccuBASS eliminates the bass rolloff that occurs when the factor head’s volume is turned up. The DSP amp also features integrated input and output real-time analyzers.

The D-4.800 will get compatibility with the Bluetooth g setup and control option.

Analog amp/processor: The LC-4.800 amp/processor offers the same power output as the D-4.800 and many of its features, including Accu-BASS, but without DSP. It features 12dB Linkwitz-Riley crossovers instead of 24dB.

Digital signal processors: The latest DSP signal processors are built on a new platform to offer all the new features needed “to solve almost any [OEM] integration need,” Camara said.

The DM-810 Digital Matrix DSP features eight active high-level speaker inputs, six preamp inputs, two digital inputs, and 10 preamp outputs for use “in any installation where extreme sound quality and flexibility is required,” he said.

It features integrated input and output real-time analyzers, 30 bands of EQ, time alignment, and the Bluetooth setup and control option. The option will also be available on the planned six-channel amp/processor due later in the year.