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Mesanovic’s CDM65 Monitor Speakers Earn WiSA HT Interoperability Certification

WiSA Association has announced that Mesanovic’s  CDM65 Controlled Directivity Monitor speaker has earned WiSA HT Interoperability Certification. The CDM65 is an active three-way digital signal processor (DSP) speaker that is capable of receiving wireless audio from any WiSA transmitter, and can be paired up to a 7.1 setup. The CDM65 is available for preorder to begin shipping in May 2023.

“We are very proud to deliver precision accuracy, controlled directivity and wireless connectivity in a no-compromise system that studio recording engineers and audio enthusiasts alike will appreciate,” said Deni Mesanovic, founder of Mesanovic. “Earning the Certification from WiSA and incorporating its HT technology adds immense value to this product and delivers next-generation wireless audio capabilities to our customers.”

In addition to working seamlessly with any WiSA transmitter, the CDM65 speaker wirelessly connects to the Platin Stereo Hub, manufactured for Mesanovic. The Stereo Hub offers an assortment of available inputs including USB Audio, HDMI®, Optical, RCA, AirPlay®, Spotify Connect, ChromeCast™ and more. It also features a DSP processor which can be utilized using the Mesanovic app, which allows for room correction and the ability to manually EQ the response to a user’s preference. Mesanovic will sell a product package complete with two CDM65 speakers and the Platin Stereo Hub.

“The performance, quality and engineering of Mesanovic’s studio-grade products are truly impressive,” said Tony Ostrom, WiSA President. “The CDM65’s integrated WiSA HT technology enables the speaker to seamlessly integrate into any system configuration and deliver stunning sound wirelessly, whether used in a professional recording setting or to create the ultimate home theater experience.”

The most important design goal of the CDM65 was for Mesanovic to design a speaker with industry-leading accuracy by utilizing state-of-the-art design and measurement tools, resulting in a speaker with near perfect in-room response, controlled directivity and low distortion. Designed for uncompromised performance and connectivity, Mesanovic’s CDM65 delivers the unique ability to upload various predefined tunings to the speaker such as the cardioid mode, which controls the directivity of the speaker down to 150Hz. By directing the energy towards the listener and away from rear and side walls, the speaker reduces undesired room effects and the need for extensive room treatment.


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