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GoldenEar Introduces Ultra-Compact Extended-Response Subwoofers

The new ForceField 30 and 40 boast several significant sonic and cosmetic refinements

(image credit: GoldenEar)

GoldenEar’s ForceField Series subwoofers are engineered from the ground up to deliver subtle musical detail, well-extended bass, high-impact slam, and the solid foundation for an expansive soundstage — all from compact enclosures that easily fit into any environment. Compared to previous models, the new ForceField 30 and 40 boast several significant sonic and cosmetic refinements.

Compact Cabinet

  • Designed for performance and beauty
  • GoldenEar BRX model-inspired curved top panel to better minimize cabinet resonances
  • Increased wall thickness prevents absorbing and smearing important bass transient information and impact
  • Perforated-metal grille affords improved sonic transparency and airflow
  • Satin-Black finish

Efficient Amplifier

  • Upgraded Electronics Platform Based on the SuperSub X/XXL
  • GoldenEar SuperSub-inspired electronics with Analog Devices DSP affords flatter, more extended frequency response for cleaner, deeper bass with lower distortion
  • MOSFET output stage and improved implementation result in greater power-transfer efficiency
  • Necessary subwoofer Level and Low-Pass filter controls allow easy optimization for home theaters, Hi-Fi setups, and living environments

Ultra-Long-Throw Sub-Bass Driver

  • Superior transient performance for natural detail
  • Computer-optimized ultra-stiff fiber cone
  • Massive high-gauss magnet assembly

Quadratic Planar Infrasonic Radiator

  • Downward-firing pressure-coupled loading extends usable bass performance to the infrasonic region
  • Approximates the near-perfect impedance of a well-tuned transmission line, but with superior transient performance and control
  • Affords flexibility for room placement

Available in August.

GoldenEar ForceField Subwoofer (image credit: GoldenEar)


ForceField 30: $899 US

  • Dimensions: 11.4″ (28.9cm) W x 16″ (40.6cm) D x 12.7″ (32.2cm) H (w/feet)
  • Weight: 31.5 lbs (14.3 kg)
  • Frequency Response: 18 Hz–250 Hz
  • Driver Complement: One 8″ long-throw high-output bass driver; One 9″ x 11″ quadratic planar infrasonic radiator
  • Amplifier: 1000-watt ForceField digital amplifier

ForceField 40: $1199 US

  • Dimensions: 13.3″ (33.7cm) W x 18.3″ (46.5 cm) D x 14.7″ (37.3cm) H (w/feet)
  • Weight: 40.5 lbs. (18.4 kg)
  • Frequency Response: 14 Hz–250 Hz
  • Driver Complement: One 10″ long-throw high-output bass driver; One 11″ x 13″ quadratic planar infrasonic radiator
  • Amplifier: 1200-watt ForceField digital amplifier

Both Models

  • LFE Line-Level Input: Unfiltered (no low pass), direct-coupled
  • Right/Left Line-Level Input: 4Variable Low-Pass from 40 Hz–150 Hz
  • Power Requirements/Consumption:
    • Low-Voltage Model: 100-120V at 50 or 60Hz / 1400 Watts
    • High-Voltage Model: 220-240V at 50 or 60Hz / 1400 Watts

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