Audio Briefs


SRS Adds 6.1 Decoding

LAS VEGAS — SRS launched its first home audio speakers and its first 6.1-channel decoding technology, which will appear for the first time in a Kenwood-branded receiver to be unveiled in February, SRS said at CES.

The decoding technology is called Circle Surround II, which decodes the Dolby Digital EX-encoded soundtracks on DVD-Video discs. It also upconverts mono, stereo and Dolby Pro Logic soundtracks to 6.1 channels, and it incorporates techniques to improve dialog clarity and enhance bass response, the latter by constructing bass fundamental frequencies from detected bass harmonics.

The SRS-branded speakers are flat planar models complemented by a powered cone subwoofer.

Jamo Adds Elegant Look

LAS VEGAS — Jamo had its eye on design when it launched its A410PDD home theater package, which features five 8.75x4.4x3.4-inch flat speakers that can be mounted on the wall or ceiling because of their flexible integrated brackets. They can also stand on a shelf or be mounted on optional floor stands. They come with 100-watt powered subwoofer operating from 40-200Hz with 8-inch driver and 8-inch passive radiator. The suggested retail is $1,400.

Thiel Shows Smaller Speakers

LAS VEGAS — High-end speaker company Thiel downsized with the two-way floorstanding CS1.6 at $2,390/pair in wood finishes and $1,990/pair in painted black finish. Each speaker is 35.5-inches-tall and 9-inches-wide and is said to deliver more open upper midrange response and smoother high-frequency response compared to conventional two-way speakers. Efficiency is 90dB, and it's time- and phase to improve realism.

The company's first electronics product is a powered subwoofer with an outboard controller. The $8,000 system packs a 1,000-watt power amplifier and a crossover controller.


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