AT&T Pushing TV Service In Latest Free Phone Promo

But drops demand for new phone line
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AT&T has once again made DirecTV or U-verse service a prerequisite for its buy-one-get-one (BOGO) smartphone promotion, Wave7 Research reported.

After dropping the add-on demand from its holiday season offerings (spanning Oct. 27 through Dec. 26), customers of the No. 2 mobile carrier must now agree to also buy its DirecTV satellite or U-verse IPTV service to receive a free device.

In return for bundling the services, AT&T has dropped its traditional requirement for a new phone line, Wave7 told TWICE, although current DirecTV or U-verse customers must still add a new line to participate in the BOGO promo.

“The carrier continues to focus on synergies between wireless and DirecTV,” the mobile market resource noted.

The promotion, running now through Jan. 11, will likely focus on Apple’s iPhone 8 and 8 Plus models, although flagship LG and Motorola devices are also eligible, sales reps said.

iPhone X is excluded from the “get-one-free” part of the offer, although customers may receive an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus at no cost with the purchase of an iPhone X.

Wave7 said the deal is available through all mobile channels, including carrier stores, AT&T dealer stores, national chains and direct from AT&T online. The “free” phones are credited back to consumers via their equipment installment plans (EIPs).   


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