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AT&T Adds Home-Automation Packages

Dallas – AT&T has revised its Digital Life home automation/security plans to offer two bundles that it says deliver discounts over purchasing the same services on an a la carte basis.

The company continues to offer its previously available smart security package, which consists of  monitored home security and safety features, including remote access, wireless keypad, three recessed sensors, three contact sensors, a motion sensor and an indoor siren at $39.99/month. That excludes a  one-time equipment fee of $49.99.

One of the new packages is the smart security and automation package at $64.99/month, plus a one-time equipment of $199.99. The package Includes all smart security features plus an outdoor camera, pushbutton door lock, and touchscreen controller for $54.99 a month, plus a one-time equipment fee of $149.99.

The $64.99/month premium security and automation package adds additional security, energy and water-detection features, including a smart thermostat, two indoor smart plugs, three temperature and water sensors, a smoke sensor, a glass break sensor, and a carbon monoxide sensor.

“We wanted to offer new packages at value prices based on some of the most popular packages our customers were custom building with our smart security and feature packages,” a spokesperson said.

Previously, consumers could buy the base $39.99/month smart security package and add the following:

  • Camera package to view live video from indoor and outdoor cameras at $9.99/month.
  • Energy package to control small appliances, lighting and thermostats at $4.99/ month.
  • Door package at $4.99 with automated door locks to let someone in when no one is home with ability to remotely check if the garage door is open or closed.
  • Water detection package at $4.99 to receive notifications of water leaks.
  • And a water-control package at $9.99 to detect leaks and shut off water at the main water source.

The pricing is offered for a limited-time only to new customers who sign up for a two-year contract, though the new packages are permanent. The pricing is available with AT&T-certified “like-new” equipment.