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Atlantic Makes Waves With Repositioning

Atlantic Technology has developed its first electronics components and a line of custom-oriented speakers to reposition itself to tap further into the high-end audio market.

The new products, said president Peter Tribeman, represent “the largest single step to alter the perception of the company, “which he founded in the early 1990s as a supplier of affordable home-theater-in-a-box speakers systems equipped with amplification and surround processing.

Since then, Atlantic has moved upmarket to offer home theater speaker systems priced up to $6,000 and architectural speakers priced up to $799 each. Now, the company is climbing further upscale with the launch of the THX Ultra2-certified 8200 speaker system designed specifically for high-end custom home theaters. The system’s price, depending on options and finishes, ranges from $6,500 to $17,800 for a 7.1-channel system, said training and marketing manager Joel Rosenblatt. It’s due in November and will be followed in the spring by a THX Select-certified 6200 system priced from about $4,000-$8,000, also depending on options and finishes. Atlantic’s current system prices start at $899, he said.

The explosion of custom-install companies offers an opportunity to move further upscale because established A/V specialty retailers already have plenty of high-end lines, Rosenblatt noted.

The 8200 system includes LR satellites with three acoustic tone controls: one to adjust tweeter response to compensate for well-damped or bright rooms, another mid/high-frequency adjustment to compensate for placement behind curtains, and another adjustment for in-cabinet placement. The speakers are also available in squared-off black cabinets for placement behind a screen or curtains or inside a cabinet, but rounded-off sidepanels can be added in multiple real wood finishes if the speakers will be visible. Pedestals for the speakers are also available with sidepanel options, and the pedestals can be purchased with a built-in servo subwoofer (with outboard amp) that features installer-settable parametric EQ and four-position phase switch. A standalone powered sub is also available. The 6200 series will offer similar options.

Atlantic’s first electronic components are the $1,299-suggested 7×120-watt amp and a $1,699 7.1-channel preamp/processor.

Before the introductions, the company’s electronics consisted of amplifiers sold as part of powered subwoofers.