ATI Adds B&K To House Of Brands

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Audio-component supplier Amplifier Technology (ATI) has added B&K Components to its house of audio brands, which includes ATI, AudioAccess, BGW and Theta Digital.

ATI said it purchased the B&K brand name and other assets in mid-October after Buffalo, N.Y.- based B&K shut down operation. ATI plans to move B&K production to its Los Angeles factory and will begin production of the brand’s most popular products by the first quarter of 2011. ATI will exhibit B&K products at January’s International CES.

“ATI’s mission is to build the B&K Components brand not just to its former glory but take it further,” the company said on its website. “But it’s going to take some time to get it going again. The first three to four months will be chaotic, but by March, we expect production to be on track, and new products will follow later in 2011.”

As for B&K’s current lineup, ATI said, “We are going to continue the brand and most of the products. Next, we will develop new products such a stereo preamp, Blu-ray player, new higherend power amps, etc.”

To sell the products, “our plan is to continue using the great B&K dealers,” the company said.

For servicing existing products, ATI said it tapped Eastern Elite Audio Video as the exclusive service center for all out-of-warranty repairs.

ATI also said it plans to honor outstanding B&K warranties “where possible” and that it expects to begin handling warranty repairs starting Jan 1. Potential problems that could preclude repairs of some items, the company said, include a lack of technical information needed for a repair, unavailability of particular parts, or lack of access to source code to make a software-related repair.

ATI purchased the AudioAccess brand from Harman earlier this year, and about two years ago purchased high-end audio supplier Theta Digital. Before that, it bought BGW, the pro-audio amp maker.


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