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Assorted Hardware

ELSA showed three graphics-enhancement products for gameplay at RetailVision. The ELSA 3D Revelator are 3D stereo glasses that produce 3D is every Direct3D game or application. Suggested retails are $49 or $79 in various configurations. The Erazor III is a next-generation 128-bit 2D/3D graphics accelerator. The Winner II provides advanced 2D/3D performance with a AGP 4X/2X interface and 16MB or 32MB display memory.

Shipments will begin in May on all three products. Available individually or in various packages, pricing ranges from $100 to $250.

Targeting the Mac market, Aiwa introduced the TD-UM8000 USB Travan 8GB External Tape Drive, which it says offers enough capacity to completely back up most hard drives. The product will ship in July with a suggested retail price of $249.99.

Com21 hit the show talking about cable modems. “We are here to educate retailers on cable modems,” said Lief Koepsel, director of consumer marketing. “Our message is that there are issues to resolve, but there are opportunities in particular cities.” He cited statistics showing that 70% of U.S. households are cable subscribers and pointed out that cable operators are upgrading to offer cable modem capability.

Com21 is planning to offer its DOXport 1000 series cable modems at a list price of $319 in the second quarter in limited markets.

ACS Innovations was featuring its Compro EZfone, an ISA card to provide Internet telephony on a PC. The difference between this unit and others is that it includes a gateway, which means that it can route between the Internet to any telephone in the world. The $149 product is available now and can communicate with any H.323 standard device, as well as standard telephones and PBX networks. A $149 60-frames-per-second digital video camera was also in the lineup.

Ericsson’s newest division, CG (Cyber Genie) Technologies, showed the Cyber Genie 2400 PC cordless phone system for the SOHO market, which launches during the fourth quarter at a $499 suggested retail. The multi-line, multi-user system, which offers unified messaging and remote message notification, is designed to deliver the capabilities of a small business PBX system in a “retail” package at a fraction of the cost.

VocalTec’s Internet Phone 5, suggested $49.95 retail, lets users enjoy long-distance phone conversations with enhanced audio, live-motion video, and a full suite of multimedia features. Release 5 also offers the Community Browser making it easier to find others around the world with similar interests.