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Arcam Brings High-End Audio To Mile-High City

Denver – Arcam is bringing multiple new audio components to the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, where it is unveiling a new streaming CD/SACD player, stereo preamp, stereo amp, and stereo integrated amp.

The products are the $5,750 A49 stereo integrated amp, $5,000 P49 stereo amp, $4,750 C49 stereo preamp, and the CDS27 CD/SACD player, whose pricing hasn’t been finalized.

The A49 integrated amp and P49 amp use the company’s class G amplifier technology, which runs in full Class A up to 50 watts per channel and switches to Class AB operation at higher output levels. Both deliver up to 200 watts RMS per channel into 8 ohms. The integrated amp adds MM phono input and headphone output. Both models feature dual-mono volume controls and balanced signal path all the way through, the company said. The P49 amp can also be configured for stereo, bridged mode, or dual-mono mode.

The C49 stereo preamp features MM phono input and headphone output.

The reference-standard networked CD/SACD player features 192/24 DACs, Ethernet port, Wi-Fi, and UPnP for network streaming of 192/24 audio. It also features optical and coaxial outputs and IP and RS-232 control.