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Aquos Meets Art In SoHo Showcase

Sharp recently launched its “Aquos project” — an art gallery/showroom in Manhattan’s SoHo district to showcase its upscale Aquos flat-panel LCD TV line to edgy trend-setting “design-influencers.”

The Aquos Project features ultra-modern wall, floor and ceiling paintings that envelop the room while highlighting multiple SKUs of Aquos LCD TVs.

“Our research has shown that a lot of consumers like to interact with products in a non-sales environment,” said Bob Scaglione, Sharp’s CE marketing group senior VP. “We are presenting products in a variety of sporting events and Microsoft venues for the IT communities, but we also wanted to bring the approach to an area like SoHo, which is filled with influencers of design in the creative world.”

The whole-room paintings include elements from Sharp’s Aquos TV commercials. The Aquos project gallery is open for public and private functions, and is part of Sharp’s recently launched multimillion-dollar global brand ad campaign.