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Sears Home Services Helped Keep Puerto Rico’s Appliances Running When It Mattered Most

Technicians kept a 4.8 star rating throughout the pandemic by focusing on excellent service

Residents of Puerto Rico have faced and overcome devastating natural disasters in recent years, including Hurricane Maria in 2017 and major earthquakes in 2019. In each situation Sears Home Services was there to help residents of the island get back on their feet, with repairs to homes and essential home appliances.

Then the COVID pandemic hit. In the past 18 months, as more people worked and studied from home, having a functioning refrigerator, washer and air conditioner became more critical than ever.

Daniel Pidgeon, CEO of Sears Home Services

“I am so proud of how our team in Puerto Rico kept providing excellent service throughout the crisis and maintained a 4.8 star rating,” said Daniel Pidgeon, CEO of Sears Home Services. “During the pandemic, families had enough to worry about – they didn’t need the added stress of a broken refrigerator, washer or air conditioner. We have 100 service vans and dedicated technicians on the island with an average of 16 years’ experience and they were back on the road serving our customers in April of 2020. We took precautions and followed CDC guidelines to keep our customers and technicians safe while making these important repairs. And Sears warranties paid out millions of dollars in coverage for appliances that broke down during this period so our members didn’t have to.”

Today, with restrictions easing as society begins to return to normal, residents of Puerto Rico who are in need of an appliance repair can receive same-day or next-day service. Sears Home Services also operates A&E service vans, intended for customers who purchased appliances at stores other than Sears. And it’s important to remember that Sears Home Services continues to serve communities nationwide, including Puerto Rico, even after a local Sears retail store has closed.

“The shift toward fewer retail locations and a stronger focus on and our marketplace is in response to changing customer shopping patterns,” added Pidgeon. “While it is a new paradigm for Sears – we have a great and storied past – the future of Sears is inside your home, as well as online. Sears Home Services is proud to be trusted by millions of Americans and Puerto Ricans for their repair and coverage needs and we take that trust seriously. We are in nearly four million homes each year and serve 88% of the zip codes in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.”

When an appliance is broken, Sears Home Services can guide customers through their options – whether to repair or replace the appliance. And if the customer chooses to replace their appliance, the Sears retail team and Kenmore brand can provide a promotional offer toward the purchase of a new appliance.

About Sears Home Services
Sears Home Services provides a variety of services for the home – from appliance repair to home improvement (kitchen and bath remodeling, windows, garage doors and roofing) to appliance maintenance and cleaning services. And Sears Home Services repairs any brand of appliance, no matter where it was purchased.

Sears Home Services provides the largest nationwide network of expert repair technicians (3,600 technicians) who have at least 10 years of experience, on average. Technicians receive training from manufacturers and use genuine manufacturer parts. And Sears Home Services is hiring technicians. The increased demand on appliances, along with Sears Home Services’ unmatched scale and nationwide service, means technicians receive competitive pay and job stability.

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