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Samsung’s Bespoke Jet™ Cordless Vacuum Makes Spring Cleaning A Breeze

Samsung claims the advanced filtration system traps 99.999% of fine dust

Three different colors of Bespoke Jet

Samsung’s lightest and most powerful cordless stick vacuum has hit the market. Whether it’s eliminating pet hair or freeing your space of dirt and dust, the Bespoke Jet is up for the challenge.

A Fresh Start to Spring Cleaning

The Bespoke Jet takes the mess out of vacuuming with its All-in-One Clean Station that empties the dustbin and recharges the vacuum for you. When docked, the Clean Station goes to work using pulsating air waves to empty the dustbin, while ensuring that dust doesn’t escape back into your home using an advanced filtration system, trapping 99.999% of fine dust.

While vacuuming, the Bespoke Jet uses Samsung’s Multi-Layered Filtration System that traps micro-dust particles and filters them through a five-layer filtration system, releasing cleaner air into your home. The filtration system uses two cyclones to separate the dust particles, and three different filters to capture them.

A Lightweight Champ for Cleaning Up After Pets

Vacuuming pet hair and dander is part of any pet owner’s daily routine, and the Bespoke Jet is your powerful ally in tackling this chore. Samsung’s HexaJet Motor delivers 210AW of suction power, while weighing 24% less than previous Samsung stick vacuum models.

A variety of interchangeable attachments are available to help vacuum dust, dirt, and pet hairs on a range of surfaces like carpets and tile. The Pet Tool brush attachment takes the hassle out of cleaning pet fur, a rubber nozzle combined with bristles helps to pick up thin, easy-to-miss pet hair on floors and furniture.

An extendable long reach Crevice Tool and Combo Brush are ideal for tight places and cleaning furniture, while the Flex Tool bends attachments up to 90 degrees, letting you clean hard-to-reach places in the home. Combine the tools with the telescopic pipe, with three adjustable lengths, to clean curtain rods, book shelves and other out-of-reach areas.

The included vacuum attachment caddie lets you easily store the various attachments, while also charging the included second battery.

Bespoke Jet also features a bright LCD Digital Display which shows remaining battery power or charging time, as well as alerts such as a clog in the system, objects stuck in the brush, or a missing filter.Showing LCD Display on Bespoke Jet

Add-On Accessory to Clean Up Spills:

With Bespoke Jet’s optional Spray Spinning Sweeper accessory, you can quickly remove any spills in record time, removing the need for a mop, a bucket or other cleaning tools.

The Bespoke Jet Spray Spinning Sweeper attachment uses dual spinning wet pads that rotate 260 times a minute to clean hard floors by quickly picking up spills while getting rid of germs when paired with reusable microfiber pads, and its refillable water reservoir can be used for stickier spills.Spray Spinning Sweeper attachment

Samsung’s Bespoke Jet has three design-forward colors to choose from, including Midnight Blue, Misty White and Woody Green. The vacuum is available now at select retailers nationwide and

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