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Ovens And Ranges Are Soaring In Sales As Americans Embrace Home Cooking

Coronavirus has changed the way we shop and now, even sales of cookers are on the rise.

Ovens and ranges are the latest appliances to see a soar in sales during the coronavirus pandemic, according to LG. The appliance company saw huge demand and sales of the best refrigerators as Americans took to stockpiling food at the start of the epidemic in March.

Since then, it’s not just ordinary refrigerators shoppers have been buying either! LG report an increase in sales of french door refrigerators as Americans look to upgrade their homes during lockdown with many making nesting improvements. The changing in buying habits follow a surge of interest in home improvements, with regular DIY products like paint often hard to come by at the start of the pandemic.

Despite 35 million Americans still waiting for their coronavirus stimulus check, LG claims that some consumers are able to use money that would have otherwise been used for vacations and eating out at restaurants, to make investments in their home and even upgrade some appliances for larger or more stylish options.

What else are Americans buying right now?

Following on from a boost in refrigerator sales, laundry appliances were the next big change, according to LG. With so many Americans looking for ways to deep clean their home while self-isolating, shoppers have been investing in front-load washers with sanitize and steam settings to help get rid of germs from their clothing.

LG said: “We saw early demand for LG washers with sanitization cycles – which is great for LG, as this is one of our key features along with steam. We’re also the only manufacturer to offer washers certified by the experts as both asthma & allergy-friendly.”

And with many restaurants closed during the coronavirus pandemic, more and more people are having to cook at home and wanting the cooking appliances to match, too. LG reported a rise in the number of shoppers purchasing cookers and electric cooktop ranges to help with home cooking. Dishwashers were close behind with the rise expected to be due to more frequent use or the need for an upgrade.

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