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Verona Appliances Offer Entry-Level Luxury Kitchen Products

The brand forgoes extensive marketing to be able to offer consumers top level products at reduced prices

Red and silver Verona oven/stovetopIt’s no secret that appliances have been in short supply, and those that have been available have been affected by supply chain issues and inflation. Even with manufacturer’s best efforts, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has cited a 13-20% increase in appliance pricing in the past year.

Fortunately, there are hidden gems in the market that are beautiful, functional and reliable – but they do not carry the same high price point as trendier brands. These entry-level luxury brands are getting more than a second look as savvy consumers are ditching brands whose pricing has risen astronomically for companies who have items in stock, come at a lower price and often prove to be more feature rich for the money. With a little research and persistence, consumers are unearthing these gemstones and turning them into hot commodities overnight.

“As a family-owned company since 1958, we are seeing a lot of interest in our brand recently,” states Melissa Haber, vice president of Verona Appliances. “Verona is crafted in Italy, but made for the U.S. market. We don’t spend millions of dollars in marketing – so it takes a little extra effort to find us – but feature-by-feature, our products are on-par, if not better than brands that can charge more because they have more status in the market. Our office still answers phone calls in person, in New York, and our customers really appreciate the one-on-one connection, service and help. There are definite benefits beyond price for picking brands like Verona.”

“Consumers should also be wary of ‘made-in-China’ copycat brands that have recently come on the market – they lack quality and features but their price points are low, so they are grabbing the sale,” states Haber. “They do not compare in features and quality to established brands like Verona that have a good track record for service and quality. Consumers really have to look to find not just a good price, but a great value.”

Verona Appliances recently introduced their Prestige collection with seven new 36” electric ranges. The new 36” electric double oven ranges are an industry exclusive, with an upgraded look that is only surpassed by its high-powered capabilities. The single ovens are offered in four colors (Stainless Steel, White, Matte Black and Burgundy) and the double ovens offered in three colors (Stainless Steel, White and Matte Black).



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