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Plum Integrated Brings Built-In Designer Options For Wine Dispensing

Customers and Designers can integrate their Plum appliance into any cabinetry

Plum, the creator of the first fully-automated appliance transforming wine by the glass in homes and hotel rooms, recently announced the launch of Plum Integrated, a plug-and-play design solution that seamlessly integrates the technologically advanced appliance into any cabinetry. Customers and designers can now benefit from Plum Integrated’s simple installation and sleek design, allowing for another option of how to incorporate it into any kitchen, entertainment area or wine room.

“We are excited to expand our line of product offerings with the launch of Plum Integrated,” said Michael Traub, CEO of Plum in a statement. “We are focused on developing solutions to make Plum even more adaptable to fitting our users’ lifestyles, and Plum Integrated achieves exactly that.”

The built-in option that Plum Integrated provides comes in two designer-favorite luxury finishes: black and stainless steel. It is created to fit any standard 24-inch opening and has a flush-mounted aesthetic. Plum Integrated boasts articulating hinges, adding to the ease of the user-friendly experience.

“Plum Integrated is the epitome of form meets function,” said Andreas Hansen, Global President of Plum in a statement. “It maintains the exceptional performance of the Plum appliance while offering consumers and the design community a streamline and fully integrated design option which presents more ways to make it a beautiful and functional part of the home.”

Plum’s wine appliance holds two standard bottles of wine, automatically identifies any varietal using artificial intelligence, chills each bottle to its ideal serving temperature, and preserves wine for 90 days – offering a new way for people to enjoy wine by the glass with a single touch of a button.

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