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Midea Launches New Kitchen Appliance Suite

Branded suite of large kitchen appliances includes a dishwasher, French door refrigerator, slide-in range and over the range microwave

This year, as part of its mission to introduce ‘purposeful innovation,’ appliance veteran Midea America launched its very own branded suite of large kitchen appliances, including a dishwasher, French door refrigerator, slide-in range and over the range microwave. For more than 50 years, Midea has continually grown on a global scale by developing and bringing stylish and innovative appliances to the market for exceptional value. As one of the largest appliance manufacturers in the world, the new line of appliances from Midea is the latest introduction of its focus to solve problems and make a difference for consumers.

“At Midea, we are committed to bringing purposeful innovations to life and providing consumers with quality appliances,” said Kurt Jovais, president of Midea America Corp. in a statement. “We are global leaders in the appliance category and our new suite of large appliances provide the quality and innovation consumers have come to know and love. Our new line of products meets the demand customers seek with smart, convenient and aesthetically-pleasing appliances at affordable prices.”

The company’s foray into the large appliance category is important to the brand’s philosophy – to provide surprisingly-friendly solutions, that enable consumers to enjoy their tiny happy moments at home. Midea’s new suite of appliances combine smart functionality and modern design – all qualities Midea customers have come to expect.

Midea MDT24P5AST

The company’s new dishwashers are among the industry’s quietest, making cleaning up a messy kitchen more relaxing than ever before. The 3-Rack Dishwasher (MDT24H3AST) provides superior cleaning technology ideal for flatware, knives and large serving utensils while also leading to safer loading and unloading of sharp objects. Flip tines on the lower rack and an adjustable upper rack accommodate a variety of dishes and cookware, from wine glasses to taller pots. The stainless-steel tub, interior LED lighting and a sleek LED cycle indicator add to the elegant look of the dishwasher.

The Angle Wash Dishwasher (MDT24P5AST) is Midea’s premium model that features Corner and Utensil Wash. Targeted jets attack dirt from multipe angles and allow you to target zones that might need more cleaning action, removing even the toughest of food stains. Wi-Fi® connectivity with MyWash allows you to customize your ideal wash cycle using the app and download it to the dishwasher for one-click selection. Both the MDT24P5AST and the MDT24P5AST models feature whisper-quiet 45 dBA performance to keep your home quiet while an extended dry dual-fan heating system ensures dishes come out spotless and dry every time.

Slide-In Range
Midea’s new slide-in range lineup features two gas slide-in ranges (MGS30S4AST and MGS30S2AST) and two electric slide-in ranges (MES30S4AST and MES30S2AST) that combine powerful cooking features with an elegant, contemporary design. With a sleek stainless-steel exterior, the new slide-in ranges boast an edge-to-edge cooktop to give the appearance of a built-in range while containing spills. Other design elements include sophisticated, blue backlighting on the knobs, a modern glass touch control panel, and dial-tech smart oven control. The new ranges offer a variety of premium features including Wi-Fi® connectivity, Air Fry Convention Mode, and a Perfect Cook Probe that will send alerts to your smartphone when food is done.

French Door Refrigerator
Midea’s modern and sophisticated French-door refrigerator (MRQ22D7AST) puts refrigerated food within easy reach while providing ample storage for wide items. It boasts a PerfectChill™ drawer which allows consumers to adjust the temperature from 30° for meats and seafood up to 41° for perfectly chilled wine, at the touch of a button. The refrigerator also features three cooling zones with multiple evaporators that manage humidity and air transition between the fridge and freezer, keeping food fresher longer while keeping ice odor-free. With the dual icemaker, you can enjoy cubed or crushed ice delivered through the door, while a second icemaker in the freezer keeps bulk ice on hand for filling coolers or ice buckets. A unique glide-out tray is perfect for storing and providing easy access to party trays, cakes and other large items. Additional features include a deli net and a retractable shelf.

Over The Range Microwave
The new over-the-range microwaves (MMO19C7AST and MMO19S3AST) both feature a large 1.9 Cu. Ft. capacity, accommodating large plates and casserole dishes. The moisture sensors automatically adjust cooking times based on changing moisture content in food. A powerful 2-speed 400 CFM ventilation fan can either recirculate smoke and odors from the range below or externally vent them when connected to an exhaust duct depending on your installation preference. Both microwaves also boast EZ Clean Diamondback Coating that not only makes clean-up a breeze but also disperses energy more evenly for improved cooking. The convection model (MMO19C7AST) allows for roasting, grilling, cooking, baking, defrosting and more due to a heating element and fan circulating hot air inside the oven. The convection model also features Bluetooth® Range-to-OTR Link where consumers can pair the microwave with the new Midea range, and the fan and LED light will automatically turn on when the range is in use.

Midea’s new suite of appliances will be available in Q4 at Lowe’s stores nationwide. For more information on Midea’s full portfolio of appliances, please visit

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