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Brisk It Launches Vera, A Grilling Virtual Assistant

Vera helps create recipes, responds to user input, and will grill your selection start-to-finish

Brisk It has announced the launch on its newest generative A.I. technology for grilling, Vera. First announced at CES of this year, Vera is a virtual assistant that can create new recipes based on user input, and then cook that recipe from start to finish on one of Brisk It’s smart grills.

Users can communicate with Vera through the Brisk It app, and the company positions this feature as a permanent end to scrolling through recipe books and blogs to figure out what to make. Some example prompts for Vera include:


  • “Grill me a medium-rare rib-eye steak.”
  • “Smoke a prime rib roast and a whole chicken at the same time for 15 people, but avoid peanuts.”
  • “What can I make with leftover ground beef, cilantro, nachos, shrimp, and gouda cheese?
  • “I’m allergic to bell peppers—make me a spicy chicken wing dish!”
  • “What’s the best seasoning for a sweet and smoky salmon?”

Brisk It claims that Vera independently monitors the cooking process and will compensate for any unexpected events that may impact cooking, stating, “If a user forgets to wrap their brisket, flip their steak, or even remove a completed dish from a hot grill, there is no need to panic—Vera will adapt to ensure food comes out top-quality.”

Vera is available through the Brisk It app with the purchase of an Origin-580 or Origin-940 Smart Grill. For more information, visit Brisk It’s website.


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