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Apple Wins One For The iMac

Apple won a six-month court battle last month and stopped computer vendors eMachines and Future Power from marketing computers with industrial designs that mimic Apple’s iMac.

Apple filed separate complaints in July and August 1999 in the U.S. federal court in San Jose, Calif., to stop the two vendors from manufacturing, distributing, selling or promoting their computers that have the iMac all-in-one design and color scheme. The court’s decision did not mention any damages or fines to be levied against Future Power, which is owned by Daewoo.

The blue-and-white eOne from eMachines has been sold since 1999 and will be pulled off store shelves by March 31.

Future Power’s E-Power was an even closer match to the iMac, with the Daewoo-backed company rolling out the PC in basically the same five colors as the iMac.

As of press time, Future Power did not respond to inquiries regarding the settlement.

Earlier this year Apple also successfully completed its litigation against the Japanese firm K.K. Sotec, which designed and made the eOne, in a Tokyo District Court.