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Apple Wins Fraction Of Damages Sought Against Samsung

San Jose, Calif. — Apple won $119.6 million in damages, a fraction of the $2.19 billion it sought, from a California federal jury that on Friday found Samsung infringed three of five Apple patents.

On Friday, the jury also awarded $158,400 to Samsung after finding Apple infringed a Samsung patent.

The jury’s decisions are expected to have little impact on Samsung, in part because of the small amount of damages. The damages awarded to Apple are far less than the $930 million that it was awarded in a previous patent-infringement suit brought against Samsung over an earlier generation of mobile devices. In addition, most of the devices subject to the ruling are no longer available, and Samsung could implement workarounds to continue marketing the products without infringing Apple’ patents, analysts said.

Apple’s nuclear option is to seek an injunction against sales of the infringing devices, but federal courts in the past have refused Apple’s attempts to ban Samsung products. The courts have cited the hundreds of patents needed to produce any single mobile product and the difficulty of proving that any particular patents used drove consumers to buy an Apple product.

Apple’s worldwide iPhone and iPad share have fallen in the past year, while Google’s Android OS, used in Samsung’s mobile products, has gained share.

In the latest trial, the jury found that some Samsung products violated a patent on tapping on a phone number in an email to dial the number. Some products violated Apple’s slide to unlock feature, and others violated the auto-complete patent, which suggests words before someone finishes typing the word.

 Apple was found to infringe on a Samsung patent for organizing photos and videos in folders.