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Apple Watch: 15 Things We Knew In Advance

  1. Functionality: Apple Watch connects via Bluetooth 4.0 to iPhones running iOS 8, starting with the iPhone 5, to send and receive messages; answer calls using the built-in speaker and microphone; and transfer messages, calls and email from the watch to an iPhone.
  2. Convenience: The Glances feature displays frequently checked information from multiple apps, including weather, stock quotes, calendar and the like. Via a “taptic engine,” the watch taps users on the wrist to alert them to a notification.
  3. Voice: Users can use their voice to dictate replies to messages and, by saying “hey Siri,” operate an iPhone’s Siri function. The Watch can also be used to pay for products at retail via NFC-enabled Apple Pay or board a plane with a boarding pass.
  4. Mechanics: The watch features an iOS-based user interface, touchscreen and “digital crown” on the side to scroll, zoom and navigate without obstructing the display. The crown also acts as a home button and way to access Siri.
  5. Health: Infrared and photo sensors and LEDs on watch bottom deliver data to a new Apple health app to monitor health and fitness. An activity app measures burned calories, brisk activity and how often a wearer stands up during the day. A workout app provides goal-setting and pacing during running, cycling and other workouts.
  6. Ecosystem: Apple’s WatchKit developers’ toolkit lets developers create their own apps for the watch, deliver notifications to the watch, and let users respond via the watch.
  7. Content navigation: Apple TV and iTunes libraries stored on PCs and Macs can be controlled via Wi-Fi 802.11b/g from Apple Watch, which also controls the iPhone’s iTunes Radio app.
  8. Calendar: Apple Watch displays meeting reminders and calendar invitations that users can accept or decline from the watch.
  9. Music: The watch stores and plays music, and it controls playback of iPhone-stored music.
  10. Navigation: Users view their current location and receive turn-by-turn navigation.
  11. Wallet/Passbook: The watch stores boarding passes, tickets, loyalty cards and the like. Passbook also lets users choose which credit or debit card to use for Apple Pay.
  12. Photos: Apple Watch displays photos that users can swipe through. The digital crown lets users zoom the photos.
  13. Remote camera control: The watch doubles as a remote viewfinder for an iPhone camera and lets users snap the photo, or set the timer on the camera.
  14. Settings: Allows control of such iPhone settings as airplane mode, Bluetooth and mute, and users can ping an iPhone to determine its location.
  15. Fashion: Apple Watch will come in two case sizes: 38mm and 42mm, both of which can be set up to work on either a user’s left or right wrist. There are 18 variations of the regular version, and 10 Sport options, which come with a lightweight case, strengthened